The Clinac iX system is a comprehensive radiation therapy device, allowing your doctor to use a variety of methods in your cancer treatment. Clinac iX enables quick delivery of a wide range of radiation therapy to patients including Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), RapidArc® and stereotactic radiosurgery.


Clinac iX provides a fast, effective, and convenient treatment for cancers almost anywhere in the body – all without the difficulty of surgery.

It operates with pinpoint accuracy to minimize damage to surrounding tissues during treatment, and its advanced motion tracking capabilities let it deliver radiation to almost any part of the body without the need for uncomfortable braces.


    Treatment of non-cancerous and cancerous conditions of the entire body such as:

  • Head and Neck tumours
  • Paediatric brain tumors
  • Benign, Malignant and Recurrent brain tumours
  • Skull base tumours
  • Metastatic tumours
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  • More precise and targeted treatment
  • Quick and efficient treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • No harm to surrounding healthy tissue