Trans - Arterial Radio - Embolization (TARE)

Indications and Procedures

  • Indication:
    • Patients with unresectable HCC Patients (and it hasn’t metastasized), and tumor mass comprising less than 70% of the liver volume
    • Patients who are unsuitable for surgery or any other modalities of treatment
    • TARE is also useful as an alternative to ablation and in facilitating resection of BCLC (Barcelona Clinic Liver cancer) stage-A tumors.
    • Tumor growth in an area with rich blood supply or involvement of big vessels.

    It has a promising treatment effect, particularly in patients with major vascular involvement.

  • Procedures: It is a Trans catheter intra-arterial procedure performed by the interventional radiologist for the treatment of primary and secondary hepatic cancers. During the procedure, the radioisotope is selectively delivered through the hepatic vasculature to the target tumor(s). Selective intra-arterial injection of these microspheres allows for the safe administration of high radiation doses to the tumor
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