Wilms' Tumor


Wilms’ tumor also called nephroblastoma, is a malignant tumor originating in the cells of the kidney. It is the most common type of renal (kidney) cancer in children.

Risk Factors

Although the causes for Wilms’ tumor is not exactly known, some factors may be:

  • Age: Most children who develop Wilms’ tumors are between 3 and 5 years of age
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Signs and Symptoms

The following are the most common symptoms of Wilms’ tumor. However, each child may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:


  • Abdominal ultrasound - A diagnostic imaging technique that uses high- frequency sound waves and a computer to create images of blood vessels, tissues and organs;
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Wilms’ tumor is almost always treated with more than one type of treatment – usually surgery and chemotherapy. Sometimes chemotherapy or radiation therapy may be used to make the tumor smaller before surgery.


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