Urethral Tumor

Urethral Cancer


Urethral cancer is a rare form of cancer that occurs more often in men. It begins in the cells that line the urethra but can spread throughout the urinary or reproductive system

Risk Factors

Risk factors associated with urethral cancer include:

  • Chronic irritation or inflammation of the urinary tract due to repeated urinary tract infections (UTIs) and/or sexually transmitted..
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Signs and Symptoms

Urethral cancer might not have symptoms during the early stages. People with urethral cancer may eventually develop any of the following symptoms:


Clinical history and physical exam - This may include a rectal examination (in men; to rule out spread to Prostate gland) and gynaecological exam (in females) to help determine if the cancer has spread..


  • Surgery is the most common treatment for urethral cancer and is often used in conjunction with radiation therapy. Small, superficial tumors may be removed completely..
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