Dr. Bhargavi Ilangovan, Consultant - Radiation Oncology, Apollo Cancer Centres, Chennai

Dr. Bhargavi Ilangovan

Consultant - Radiation Oncology

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Dr. Bhargavi Ilangovan is a Consultant - Radiation Oncology at Apollo Cancer Centre Chennai. She has significant experience in treating Gynaecological Cancers, Neurological Cancers and Hereditary cancers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Gynaecological Cancers
  • Neurological Cancers
  • Hereditary cancers

Education & Training

  • D.N.B (Radiotherapy)
  • Certification in Palliative Medicine
  • Fellowship, F.R.C.R (Clinical Oncology )
  • ECMO, European Certified Medical Oncologist

Professional Work

  • Consultant – Apollo Cancer Centre, Chennai
  • Genetic Counsellor at Apollo Hereditary Clinic