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For weeks, our lives were consumed by worry and sleepless nights. Our two-year-old son, Kabir, was plagued by an unrelenting fever, and despite our best efforts, it showed no signs of subsiding. We felt utterly helpless as the prescribed medicines failed to alleviate his suffering. Our small town of Wardha had limited medical facilities, and as parents, we knew it was time to seek specialized care elsewhere. This is the poignant story of our journey to Mumbai, where hope, love, and an unexpected friendship blossomed amidst the trials of pediatric cancer.

A Desperate Decision

Kabir's fever persisted for a grueling fifteen days, fluctuating between 100 to 102 degrees Celsius. Filled with worry, we made the difficult choice to take him to Mumbai for further assessment. Our once lively and playful son had become irritable and cranky, his restless energy thwarted by the limitations of his illness. We separated him from his beloved sister, fearing the transmission of the unidentified ailment, which only added to his distress.

A Ray of Hope:

In a moment of desperation, I reached out to our relatives in Mumbai for guidance. They directed us to a private doctor in the city, who, upon reviewing Kabir's medical history, recommended additional tests. After studying the results, the doctor advised us to visit Apollo Cancer Centre (ACC) in Navi Mumbai. Without hesitation, we hurried to the center and met Dr. Purvi Kutty, who suggested further investigations, including a Complete Blood Count, to uncover the underlying cause of Kabir's unexplained fever and weight loss.

The Heartbreaking Revelation

Days later, we received a call from the hospital, summoning us to meet Dr. Kutty and her team. Trembling with anxiety, we entered her chamber, only to find a group of doctors waiting to deliver devastating news. Time stood still as we learned that Kabir had leukemia. The room felt heavy with sorrow, and tears welled up in our eyes. It was a moment that shattered our hearts, the news no parent ever wants to hear. In that moment, my husband and I clung to each other, seeking solace amidst the unimaginable pain.

A Brave Little Soul

Throughout this ordeal, Kabir, oblivious to the magnitude of his illness, sat quietly on my lap, observing the emotional whirlwind surrounding him. He glanced from me to his father, sensing the anguish etched on our faces. A mere two-year-old, he couldn't comprehend the weight of his parents' despair. The doctors recommended immediate hospitalization, and though our hearts were heavy, we put our trust in the medical team, hoping for a miracle.

Kabir's Days in the Hospital

As Kabir entered the hospital ward on that fateful day, wearing the sterile hospital gown, my heart ached, and tears streamed down my face. The sight of him surrounded by medical professionals, clad in blue, green, and pink, intensified my anxiety. Nothing felt vibrant or colorful anymore; our world had been stripped of its joy. While children his age played with siblings and friends, Kabir was confined to a single room, his view limited to the four walls that enclosed him. His cries of frustration echoed through the sterile halls, and it tore at my heartstrings.

The Toll of Treatment

As the days passed, Kabir's small body bore the marks of numerous needles and plasters. He grew thinner, his face and arms swelling from the harsh treatments. At times, he would lose his balance and become disoriented, his young spirit weighed down by the burden of chemotherapy. Cancer knows no age or gender, and even a two-year-old can feel the frustration and pain it brings.

A Ray of Sunshine

In the midst of our darkest days, a glimmer of hope appeared. A fellow patient, four-year-old Rehan, entered Kabir's life, bringing with him a sense of camaraderie and joy. Rehan was undergoing treatment for a rare form of thalassemia, and his presence transformed the sterile hospital environment into a playground of laughter and companionship. Witnessing their instant bond uplifted our spirits and reminded us that amidst the despair, beautiful friendships can blossom.

A Friendship Blooms

As weeks turned into months, Kabir and Rehan's friendship deepened. Every visit to the ACC in Navi Mumbai became an opportunity for them to reunite and create joyous memories. They played in the hallways, turning the waiting lounge into their shared haven. Their laughter filled the air, and as parents, we felt a renewed sense of normalcy amidst the chaos of the hospital.

The Power of True Friendship

True friends are those rare souls who find you in the darkest of places and guide you towards the light. Rehan became that beacon of strength and support for Kabir and our family. We owe the serendipitous meeting between these two brave boys to the Children's Day celebration organized by the hospital. It breathed life into our weary souls, giving us something to cherish amidst the trials of pediatric cancer.


Pediatric cancer is an incredibly devastating and heartbreaking battle that profoundly impacts the lives of countless innocent children and their families. In India, where approximately 150 out of every million children are diagnosed with cancer each year, the harrowing fight against this relentless adversary has become all too common. Throughout our own personal journey with Kabir's leukemia, we have experienced firsthand the depths of despair that this disease can inflict, as well as the transformative power of hope that can arise even in the face of unimaginable challenges.

In the midst of our overwhelming pain and anguish, we will be forever grateful for the boundless compassion and unwavering care we received at Apollo Cancer Centre. The doctors, nurses, and medical staff demonstrated an exceptional level of empathy, understanding, and expertise, which provided us with solace and reassurance during our most trying moments. Their dedication and tireless efforts gave us a glimmer of hope when it seemed that darkness had engulfed our lives.

Additionally, amidst the turmoil, a remarkable and unexpected friendship blossomed between Kabir and Rehan. This bond, forged in the midst of their shared suffering, is a testament to the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. It served as a source of solace, joy, and companionship during the arduous days spent within the hospital walls. Witnessing the laughter and camaraderie that emanated from the interactions between these two brave souls brought warmth to our hearts and reminded us that even in the darkest of circumstances, love and friendship can flourish.

Our deepest aspiration is for the story of Kabir and Rehan to serve as an inspiration to others. We hope their journey will raise awareness about the harsh realities of pediatric cancer and ignite a flame of compassion and support within society. May their story kindle a profound sense of empathy in the hearts of those facing similar struggles, reminding them that they are not alone in their battle. Together, we can work towards a future where no child or family has to endure the devastating impact of pediatric cancer without the love, care, and hope they so desperately deserve.

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